About Thomas

  • ThomasWorks internationally as fashion and life style photographer.....

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New Partnership with studio in London


New You Tube tutorials on photography for models.

In his own words

"I believe there is beauty in everything; it is just a matter of what angle you look at it, Whether a dead tree or the twisted steel of a fallen structure. My favourite moment is when people first observe my images, and they are silent, the time they take to be moved by what they see is spiritual to me."

Even as a young boy, I was fascinated with art; colour, form, light and dark. I began selling my work at 8 years old, and was lucky enough to have space in my father’s work shop to create, and learn from his skills. Inspiration is something I never have to wait for, but instead sort out which one I will follow. I like following through with a complete concept, to tell a story. That is why working on ad campaigns, and editorials are so much fun for me to conceive and shoot.

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New Twitter feed
You will be able to get the latest updates, humor, and priview the latest hot pics by following on twitter.


SXSE London
Thomas will be will be hosting live pod casts round table discussions from the UKs meeting of power house social media movers and shakers at SEXE London .