About Thomas

Thomas Haefele has had passions for art and design his entire life. Thomas studied In the USA and earned his BA degree from Point Part University. After receiving his degree he moved to New York City, where he immediately in interior design and fashion. In 2000, while living in Europe, Thomas started building his reputation as an internationally respected fashion photographer. He was very quickly noticed for his unique blend of American and European style. Just one year later in 2007 Thomas was hired as “in house photographer” for Miami Fashion Week, which started him on an amazing journey in the worlds fashion scene. He was then hired to work as consultant, runway and photo coach and choreographer for major agencies in the USA..

Thomas began as the Fashion and Lifestyle Editor for the Two Mundos Magazine in 2008. Two Mundos is sold in the USA, South America and Spain. Over the last years he has established himself at the New York Fashion Week, Miami, and Miami Swim and Function and L.A Fashion Week, as well as being choosen out of hundreds as exclusive international editorial photographer for Islands of the World Fashion week. In his role as Fashion Editor, he worked on many runway shows as choreographer, consultant, and co-producer, for designers around the USA. He is so dedicated to fashion and beauty, that he is known to pass on his prestigious front row seat as an Editor, to squeeze in the Press Box, so that he may capture the beauty of his favourite designers on camera himself.

In recent years his images have appeared in publications worldwide, such as Architectural Digest twice in one year, French Vogue, Two Mundos, as well as CNN and HLN news networks

In his own words

"I believe there is beauty in everything; it is just a matter of what angle you look at it, Whether a dead tree or the twisted steel of a fallen structure. My favourite moment is when people first observe my images, and they are silent, the time they take to be moved by what they see is spiritual to me."

Even as a young boy, I was fascinated with art; colour, form, light and dark. I began selling my work at 8 years old, and was lucky enough to have space in my father’s work shop to create, and learn from his skills. Inspiration is something I never have to wait for, but instead sort out which one I will follow. I like following through with a complete concept, to tell a story. That is why working on ad campaigns, and editorials are so much fun for me to conceive and shoot.


I have been working internationally for the last 15 years.

I am available to work almost anywhere, with studios available to me in New York, Miami, Berlin and London. I am also fluent in German, and understand the market in the USA and Europe very well having lived between them most of my life. Whether Fashion, Ad Campaigns, Music Artists, Actors, or just people wanting to feel and look their best, I feel at home working alone or together with a team for the best results.